As evidenced by PCAF’s tremendous growth, Western Australia is home to a vibrant scene of comic creators! 

If you’re keen to get to know our community, these links could be a place to start.

  • Tokyo Alley runs several events per year that celebrate Japanese pop culture, including manga
  • Oz Comic-Con and Supanova are annual pop culture events that feature some comic book guests each year, with a general focus on Marvel, DC, and similar titles.
  • Membership to the State Library of WA and City of Perth Library is free for all Western Australian residents; both lend many kinds of comics across their collections including thousands as ebooks on apps like Libby and Hoopla 
  • Retailers who stock a range of comic books include Rabble Books & Games, Shumi Shop, Quality Comics, Planet Books, Crow Books, Diabolik Books, Chaos Pop Culture, Boffins Books
  • Comics on Country is a not-for-profit comics publisher who focuses on First Nations stories
  • Gestalt Publishing is a cornerstone of Australian comics, and also happens to be local to Perth 
  • Milktooth School of Art & Stories and Conjuring Creativity both run year-round comic-making programs for children
  • Writing WA is the peak body for writers in WA, and provides a helpful noticeboard with events and opportunities
  • The Centre for Stories hosts writing-related events and residencies that are often open to comic creators
  • The Illo Club is community club focused around drawing and illustration, hosting weekly hangouts, workshops and other events.

Some comic creators based in, or from, WA*

  • May Gibbs (Bib and Bub)
  • Scott Wilson (Dark Heart)
  • Shaun Tan (The Arrival)
  • Aśka (Stars in Their Eyes)
  • Brenton Eszra McKenna (Ubby’s Underdogs)
  • James Foley (Secret Agent Mole)
  • Bruce Mutard (The Sacrifice)
  • LG Veldenmire (Solid State)
  • Scott Higginbotham (Solid State)
  • Gavin Aung Than (Super Sidekicks)
  • Luke Milton (Animals Rule This Land)
  • Rachel Coad (New York City Glow)
  • Campbell Whyte (Home Time)
  • Justin Randall (30 Days of Night)
  • Sean E. Avery (Friendly Bee and Friends)
  • Scott Pritchett (Stoneseeker)
  • Sarah Winifred Searle (The Greatest Thing)

*We’re working on a more comprehensive listing of WA creators –– stay tuned! These are just a few whose work is easier to find.

  • Comic Art Workshop
  • Comicstreet, Brisbane
  • Papercuts Comics Festival, Adelaide
  • Festival of the Photocopier, Melbourne
  • Comic Arts Awards of Australia
  • ALIA graphic novels group