PCAF 2019 Market Hall

Map and graphics by Alyce Sarich

This page features our exhibitors for the festival day on the 6th July 2019. See the main Perth Comic Arts Festival page for more information. Here is the map, with exhibitor bios and links down below.


Abz Art
“Hello! My name is Abdul (or Abz for short) and I’m an artist/illustrator based in Perth. A big dream of mine is to have my own finished comic and story available for the world. I decided to make a zine to start learning the early steps of character designing, storytelling and putting together a book. My Inktober zine contains original characters and a little backstory to each one, giving them context. Aside from this, I also enjoy drawing fan art of my favourite TV shows, films and games as well as drawing animals and fantasy creatures.”

Akreampuff Art
Alyce Sarich is a self-taught comic creator from the Perth Hills of Western Australia. She goes by the username ‘Akreampuff’ on the internet, and under this name publishes several webcomics including ‘Little Things’, ‘The Adventures of DK’, and ‘Daemon’.
As well as webcomics, she has also self-published two comics and is a contributor for the award-winning comic anthology ‘Neither Here Nor Hair’ by Petrie Press. She likes to create comics about aspects of her own life, as well as fantasy adventures that subvert classic stereotypes and tropes.

Alex e Clark
Alex e Clark makes comics and zines about cats, folklore, body horror and Lee Pace. She lives in Melbourne and rides a bike and does portraits mainly, and a bit of animation and game design. Alex grew up in Sydney, had brain surgery, went to farm school, moved to Melbourne, studied illustration, worked in a lolly shop, moved to Sydney again, moved back to Melbourne, studied animation, ran a gallery, ran workshops, has been running the annual Halloween themed zine fair Hallozeen since 2015, tries her best and likes making comics as a way of mitigating mortality, setting motes of self adrift from her decaying meat vehicle, to live as long as its new owner’s patience persists.

Andrei B and a Squishface Selection
The Squishface Selection is a fantastic table where you can check out some of the work being produced by Brunswick, Vic’s own Squishface Studio. Established in 2011, the Studio has hosted some of the Eastern States most amazing comics talent from a range of genres.
Representing Squishface is Andrei Buters. Andrei lived in Brunswick between 2008-2016 where he was just one small part of the wider community of artists supporting the studio’s events and outreach programmes.

Brenton E McKenna
“My name is Brenton E McKenna and I am a comic book writer and illustrator from Broome WA. I am the creator of the graphic novel series ‘Ubby’s Underdogs’.”
Toonientoons on Instigram and Ubby’s Underdogs on Facebook

Bruce Mutard
Bruce Mutard is a comics writer/illustrator and publisher. His graphic novels include The Sacrifice, The Silence, A Mind of Love, The Bunker and Post Traumatic. He has a MDes from Monash University, which resulted in the comic for spatial exhibition: An Anzac Myth. He is currently a PhD candidate at Edith Cowan University researching the erotics of comics from both maker and beholder perspectives. His new graphic novel Bully Me, will be published in 2019.
Instagram: #brucemutard

Campbell Whyte
Campbell Whyte was born in Perth and makes comics that explore the play between the fantastical, the historical and the autobiographical. His Eisner-nominated graphic novel, Home Time, took almost ten years to make and is a wild adventure through a Perth of the imagination. When not making comics he runs the monthly Comics Maker Network and teaches comics making at the children’s art school Milktooth.
@campbellwhyte on twitter and instagram

Copernicus Comics
James Broadhurst is a comic book writer and creator of Copernicus Comics.

Curtin Illustration Club
“We are an Illustration Club from Curtin university, each year we publish a comic anthology series composed of a series of short comics from a variety of artists from our community. This year will be our 4th time running.”

Dragon Legacy
Gemma graduated Edith Cowan University in late 2016 with a Bachelor of Creative Industries majoring in Animation, living in the Northern Suburbs of Perth, she has written one unpublished novel and currently uploads her second main project, her webcomic ‘Dragon Legacy’ on SmackJeeves and Tapas.

ECU Illustrators
What do up and coming illustrators do for work? Make minicomix of course. Students of the ECU Illustration unit DES 3102 have to make comics for an assignment and what better way to test them than on the public. They get marks for trying, but how many ‘marks’ can they get for selling?

Elton D’Souza ART
“I’m a visual artist from Perth, Australia debuting at my first ever pop-up stall. I create illustrations, comics and 2D animated shorts. I love drawing fantasy and adventure.”

Emilie Walsh
Emilie Walsh is a visual artist working across media, currently based in Melbourne. She is currently undertaking a PhD on the imagination and narratives of adventure in contemporary art practices, at the VCA, in Melbourne. Her works include comics and zine, photo and video, printmaking and installations. She is working on a graphic novel about women sexuality, called ‘Fuck you Fuck me’
@emilouwalsh (insta)
@emilouwalsh (twitter)
https://www.facebook.com/emilie.walsh.3 (facebook)

emily smith
Emily Smith lives in Bridgetown in rural Western Australia, where she runs a D&D youth group and works as a fulltime freelance illustrator. Her credits include Cleverman (Gestalt publishing), Unmasked and Broken Line (also Gestalt publishing), and Love is Love (IDW/DC).

Femme Politika
With the state of the world currently, and the general aura of an all-round dystopian existence, it is time to come back together and shake things loose. Rather than rioting in the streets, lets write in the streets. Femme Politika is an old school, low tech, printed street zine, for all identifying as female, feminine or non-binary/ gender neutral to contribute to.

Frank Candiloro is a comic writer/illustrator from Melbourne, Australia, having self-published over 20 comics under the publishing label of FrankenComics. Although these comics take influence from classic genres such as horror, sci-fi, westerns among others, they have an autobiographical emphasis in that they incorporate elements of their own life as an Agender person; these themes include body dysphoria, identity, gender and relating these themes through the more fantastical aspects of genre fiction. These comics have also been nominated for several awards, and one of them, “Monster Zero”, won the Bronze Ledger Award in 2015.

“I valued my employability so little that I went to Uni to study Illustration but that’s okay, cuz I love what I do, and with luck, maybe others will too.”
Instagram: @fresh_kb

Gabby Loo
Gabby Loo is an emerging artist, curator and community arts facilitator. She is a second-generation migrant of Burmese(Shan) and Chinese origin. Her artistic practice involves documenting and reinterpreting fragments from her personal history, identities and localities. Her work is of an expressive nature that bears the sentimental quality of past memories and thoughts.
Gabby is also a Co-Director and Gallery Attendant of Paper Mountain, member of headspace Armadale’s CaLD Youth Reference Group, and creator of the CaLD & ATSI Creatives of WA online community group.
http://instagram.com/gbbyloo and

Gary Dellar
Gary Dellar used to publish comics back in the 1980s. He’s now back with Reverie Publications along with plenty of enthusiasm. Reverie #1 was received with a positive reaction so he’s currently working on Reverie #2 which will be out soon. Gary also wrote Toby and the Magic Pencil #1 as an ongoing comic. Toby and the Magic Pencil #2 will be released at Perth Comic Arts Festival. Reverie Publications also plan to release other titles shortly. One of their latest comics is the ongoing Torn #1 and our soon to released Western comic. Gary loves the creative side that comics hold and has many more stories to tell!

Gestalt Comics
Gestalt is Australia’s leading independent comic publisher. Story First™ is Gestalt’s underlying ethos, placing emphasis on strong narrative and substance, matched to the highest production values to respect the story, the creators and the readers.

Glom Press
Glom press is a risograph printer and comics publisher from Melbourne, Australia run by Michael Hawkins and Marc Pearson.
Instagram: @glompress
Twitter: @glompress
Facebook: Glom Press

Hien Pham
Hien Pham is a digital artist specializing in gentle and optimistic queer comics.
He grew up in Vietnam on war stories before moving and finding a home in Australia. His work revolves around respite, around caring and loving and being loved and cared for.

Ive Sorocuk
Ive draws many comics in various flavours and sometimes he makes games.
He’d be terrible in a fight, but he would try his hardest.
@sirive on twitter and Instagram.
ive.itch.io for comics and games.

Latibule is a young artist and writer based south of the river in WA. She makes zines about her life, her brain, and her rabbit. The majority of her zines are mental health based topics and themes.

Leia Duffy
“Hello! My name is Leia, I’m twenty years old, the art that I make is definitely a little world of its own. I’m an artist & illustrator who typically works with clay, painting & drawing. My work focuses a lot on the aspects of belonging/home, life experience & feminism. The comic work that I create is around thoughts & life happenings, compiled with accompanying phrases. I love to have a little story or connection with each piece.”

milktooth – kids art school
Milktooth is a kids art school in Perth, run by husband and wife team Elizabeth Marruffo and Campbell Whyte with the help of their son, dogs and a tank full of fish.
We have over 15 years worth of experience delivering art workshops for kids. We work with the best materials and highly qualified professional practising artists to create a supportive and inspiring environment for children to grow.
We’re proud of our unique programming that mixes precision craft, fine art and comics making that reflects our own individual passions.

Sam Lee/missmirelda is a local illustrator who dabbles with both traditional and digital media. A huge fan of watercolour inks and mix media; missmirelda incorporates a lot of these mediums into her original work and characters. She is currently revamping her original work ‘Swordtear’ and releasing her new original zines: ‘October Garden’ and ‘Witches’.

Monster Bones
Monster Bones are Cade and Paul, who have used their extensive knowledge of DnD. monster movies and their knack of unsettling people to bring you a handbook of the most unique creatures you will see.
Cade: https://twitter.com/asinglestarwar
Paul: https://twitter.com/pgeronimos

Natalie Blom
Natalie Blom is a photomedia artist from Perth, Western Australia. Blom completed an Advanced Diploma of Photography at Central Institute of Technology in Perth in 2010. Since graduating her work has been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally. Blom’s practice investigates personal histories through connection with place utilising analogue photographic processes and experimental means of production. Zines are a key mode for communicating her work.

Nathanael Whale
Nathanael is an Illustrator, graphic designer, and aspiring wizard. He likes to plot with friends to take over the world, try and turn lead to gold, and do weird drawings. He can never decide whether to draw stuff that’s fantasy or scifi, so he usually just mixes the two. In his working hours he does design stuff for Studio Papa, aligning graphic stars for Barefaced Stories, AGWA, and Fringe World 2019.
@Nathanaelwhale / NathanaelWhaleDesign / Nathanaelwhale.com

Neighbourhood Press
Neighbourhood Press is a Risograph printing press, publishing house and creative studio based in Fremantle, Western Australia. Run by Scott Alexander and Nora Mironov, Neighbourhood Press aim to provide the creative community of Perth and Fremantle with an approachable and realisable way to print, publish and collaborate on print based projects.
Instagram: @neighbourhoodpress

Niina Aoki & Aaron Eames
Aaron Eames and Niina Aoki are a husband and wife zine and comic making team. Exploring their interests they create zines/comics about photography, art, life and their beloved cat Panko.

Party Squirrel
Party Squirrel AKA Isis Dorado, is a Perth emerging artist. She was born in El Salvador so Spanish is her first language. Some of her Zines are in Spanish or a mix of English and Spanish.

Pat Grant
Pat Grant is the author of two Australian graphic novels. Blue (2012) and the Grot (2020). Blue was at the top of a list called great graphic novels of 2012 in Salon by Laura Miller who is now a critic at The New Yorker. The Grot is beloved by beady-eyed twelve year olds who stalk the supermarket isles with no shoes on. Making comics for 15 years has left Pat old and cranky with a grey beard and sore drawing hand. He lives by the beach in Austinmer NSW with his sweetheart and two little boys.

paychiri/Pearl is an Australian concept artist Burmese descent, previously working with Siamese and who is on her second year of making zines and comics. She’s a big supporter for better representation and diversity in media and hopes to make her break with her original work, ‘Redwater’. You can ask her how to draw hands.

If you need information on the day, here’s the place to go!
We will also have some PCAF themed merchandise and posters for sale, as well as raffle tickets for some fantastic art hampers donated by our market hall exhibitors.

Petit Livre
BA Art History
Diploma in Arts Business Manager
Arts Administrator

rachel ang & Comic Sans
Rachel is a comics artist from Melbourne, Australia. Her work has been published by The Lifted Brow, Cordite Poetry Review, Going Down Swinging, Scum and The Stella Prize. She was a Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellow for 2018.
She is a co-editor of Comic Sans, a new anthology of excellent Australian comics. She makes this with her friend Leah Jing McIntosh.
instagram: @rtwa

Regina Akora
I am a freelance comic artist hailing from Perth Australia. My work has been featured internationally from the UK’s NEO Anime and Manga Magazine to Saturday Am’s Manga Magazine. Currently I am travelling Australia promoting my book series LOLI-POP!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReginaAkora
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/regina.akora
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ReginaAkora

Robert Buratti
The work of Perth artist, Robert Buratti is gradually finding it’s way across the world and beyond, from showing on the largest video screen in Times Square New York, to being projected across the iconic Hammer Hall in Melbourne, and its launch into deep space aboard NASA’s OsirisRex mission. His collaborations with other artists such as The Tea Party, and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and his numerous appearances in many of Australia’s most high profile art prizes has further introduced his work and ideas to a new range of admirers.

Ronnie Ryder
“I have been drawing since I could talk, but it was reading Asterix and Tintin as a child that really got me interested in comics. I work with traditional mediums, and enjoy drawing fan art of American and Japanese comic characters. You will be able to view my art and purchase my original comic Godfather Death at PCAF.”

Sarah Winifred Searle
Sarah originally hails from spooky New England but currently lives in sunny Perth, Australia, which confuses her gothic nature. She writes and draws comics inspired by intimacy of all sorts, history, and the need for better diversity in media. Her brand new, Kirkus-starred middle grade graphic novel SINCERELY, HARRIET comes out from Graphic Universe in May 2019! Current projects include SPARKS, a queer historical romance, and THE GREATEST THING, a YA fictionalized memoir for First Second. You might recognize her from her contributions to the Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions, Adventure Time, and Rugrats series. Keep up with her work on social media (@swinsea) and on her website (swinsea.com)!
@swinsea on Twitter and Instagram

Scott Higginbotham
Scott is the former 2018 Curtin Illustration Club president currently studying illustration & graphic design at Curtin University, he makes illustrations and comics and is working on an experimental comic called “Prime Materia” about transdimensional automatons at the end of the universe. He also is the lead designer for Grok Magazine and is active in seeking to create opportunities for young designers and illustrators in the Perth community.

Shane Tholen
Since studying Fine Art at Curtin University, Shane’s existence has included pursuits in fashion and t-shirt design, freelance illustration, game design, travel and teaching. Whenever he can, he sneaks away to his computer to draw, using digital media to create expressive, original characters with layers of colourful scenery as background. His art and writing makes use of fantastical themes juxtaposing hideous monsters with cute, cuddly characters; humour with meaningfulness; and Australiana with world culture. Combined with a love of storytelling and with influences stemming from manga and anime, comics, and Eastern philosophy, Shane hopes to use his art to portray a message of joy, care and kindness for humanity and all the creatures of the wind, water and soil.

SJ Finch
Steven James Finch is a writer and community artist who lives and works on Whadjuk Noongar country. SJF is the Project Coordinator for Lotterywest Story Street at the Community Arts Network. Along with Gabby Loo, SJF is the 2018/19 creative research fellow for the State Library of WA. SJF is a co-director of Paper Mountain, and on the board of Propel Youth Arts WA. They have a migrant settler background with English and Cantonese heritage, and they will not refer to themselves as Australian until Aboriginal and Torrest Strait Islander nations have their sovereign rights over this land.

Soolagna Majumdar
Soolagna is a Perth Illustrator and comic artist who’s work has been featured in Cordite Poetry, DJED press, Kookie magazine; and has been involved in anthologies for both Comic Sans and Petrie Press. She wants to fill the world with zines and stickers.

Sophia gilet
Raised on a swamp learning to draw by candlelight, Sophia’s first love was the phantom, then manga, art nouveau. Sophia started a life long journey of learning and loving with the arts. She can currently be found scribbling ideas, or teaching at the Fremantle Art Centre on holidays.

“I am from Malaysia and I love to draw short comics about my new life in Perth! I can be pretty dopey at times… hence the comics with them dopey eyes.”

Trash Girl Arts
Jess is a recent illustration graduate and a cartoonish nerd next door. Freelancing since 2015, she resides in the goblin town of Fremantle and loves to focus on character design, humour, and story-telling. Currently developing an original series, she’s often inspired by fantasy, cartoons, and 90’s anime, but more often inspired by her corgi. If you like female leads, flowers, and most pop culture garbage, she’s your gal.
@trashgirlarts on Instagram, Twitter, ArtStation

Tyson Elmer
Tyson is a comic artist and cartoonist, from Perth. He draws some gooey pictures and creates some strange worlds.

VHS Tracking
VHS Tracking is a zine of movie recommendations by a variety of writers with a different cover artist each issue. Edited by Tristan Fidler (RTRFM’s Movie Squad)

Waraqa Art
“Hi, I’m Maha and I’m a traditional artist from Perth. I absolutely love experimenting with my style and the medium I work with to make different things, and I hope people enjoy them!”