Perth Comic Arts Festival Theme Revealed

We’re excited to reveal that the theme of this year’s Perth Comic Arts Festival is: ’The Island Kingdom’.

Our Creative Director, Elizabeth Marruffo was inspired by our heightened awareness of Western Australia’s unique and isolated position in the world saying: “Artists ofter deal with periods of isolation, working alone, tucked away like hermits in their studios. The last couple of years has seen a lot of turmoil and separation with all of us sharing these challenging and often isolating experiences. For better or worse the comic artists of WA are in a unique position to respond to this experience and in doing so provide connection and comfort to our readers”

“The PCAF exhibition for this year ‘Tales from the Hermit Kingdom’ will see our committee members focus on their own ‘hermit’ experience as we produce small dioramas of our studio spaces and a free local newspaper full of these unique stories. I am also really looking forward to our biggest Market Hall yet that features over 80 participants showcasing the depths of comic making talent that Western Australia has to offer. I am sure there will a tale for everyone amongst all this talent that can inspire you, and also make you proud of who we are and the journey we have been on together”