Notice of Perth Comic Arts Festival (PCAF) 2021 AGM

Notice of annual general meeting

All members of PCAF are advised that an annual general meeting of the members will take place as follows:

Time: 6pm-7pm
Date: Monday, 8 November, 2021
Place: Milktooth, Suite 48/102 Railway St, West Perth

First of all, thank you to everyone who made 2021’s Perth Comic Arts Festival the delight that it was! The impact that
Covid-19 has had on our lives, particularly the arts is still something we’re all coming to terms with. To see so many
aspects of our community come together for a medium we all love is something worth cherishing. Now, on to the
details for this year’s AGM!
We’re always happy to get new talent in to build the festival. New member applications can be sent in alongside
nominations. (Form)

On arrival at the meeting, members should check the register of members and if needed, update their name, address and
any other details.
The 2022 PCAF Festival Organising Committee will be elected by the membership. Only members are eligible to
nominate for positions and to vote. Dependent on a resolution passing, there will be 12 committee member roles for the
2022 Festival. If any positions are unfilled, they can be filled by casual vacancy.
At the AGM, a new Festival Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected separately from successful
Organising Committee members.
Nominees are asked to prepare a pre-written statement not exceeding 200 words detailing how they would be
an excellent fit for each position.
A handy reference detailing the responsibilities of each elected position is available here:

If you are unable to attend but would like to nominate in proxy, please select the relevant options on the nomination form below.
Nominations must be received by midnight Monday 1st November 2021. (Form)

If you want any clarification on anything outlined above, please get in touch via email.

1. Attendance and Apologies & Notice of Proxies
2. New Members
3. Outgoing Chair’s Report (Festival itself)
4. Outgoing Secretary’s Report (Membership, Meetings, Work of the Committee)
5. Outgoing Treasurer’s Report (Financials)
6. Dissolutions of Organising Committee & Election of Organising Committee
7. Election of Chair
8. Election of Secretary
9. Election of Treasurer
10. Conclusion of business

Soolagna Majumdar
Festival Secretary